1. My endorsement of Larry Marik, DTM, PDD is beyond his charismatic personality. My endorsement is because of his passion and willingness to share his proven talents to help others in the journey and expansion of Toastmasters. As an employee of a major financial institution that was named a "2017 World's Most Ethical Company", he understands how the big picture of implementing policy changes impacts its stakeholders. His work experience and supportive philanthropic attitude will help in all aspects of Toastmasters, especially as the new educational program moves forward.
    Marian Albin Gramlich, DTM, IPDD, District 24
  2. I am writing in enthusiastic support of Larry Marik for International Director. I have known Larry since he was the third member of the TRIO in District 6. Larry distinguished himself by being a great team player who always encourages those around him. His passion for Toastmasters and helping people grow would make him an excellent choice for Region 4 International Director.
    David M. Skattum, DTM, PDD, District 78
  3. Larry Marik and I served as District Directors in the same year. We'd met in previous years, during District Leader Training as well as the TI Conventions. Larry impressed me as a very approachable person, with a warm and welcoming smile. He was always ready and willing to help others, even as he led his district to Distinguished.
    Michelle Alba-Lim, SPHR, DTM, PDD, District 7
  4. Larry Marik knows how to work with a team to accomplish strategic outcomes. I worked directly as a trio member with Larry Marik for two years, and was his Program Quality Director when he was District Director. Larry took strategic actions early on to ensure District Success, such as initiating the first Trio retreat to get a jump start on the District Success Plan and expanding the first round of club leader training to increase club quality (the District achieved Distinguished status for the first time in a few years). Larry didn’t just look at the District goals as numbers to meet, but as measures of the quality of the member experience, which was his overarching strategic concern. Larry always remembers the member. I heartily endorse him for Region 4 International Director.
    Diane Windingland, DTM, PDD, District 6
  5. Larry and I met at training during our first year in district trios. It didn’t take long to know Larry has a passion for Toastmasters and for life. During his year as District 6 Director he lead the district to Distinguished status for the first time in 3 years. Larry is very approachable, always encouraging, and openly embraces diverse cultures and ideas. Combined with his strategic thinking, he has just what we need to help lead Toastmasters through the continued global expansion. I endorse Larry Marik, DTM, PDD for Region 4 International Director.
    Sonia Wynne Dawson, DTM, PDD, District 50